Héroes de la Guardia de la Noche III

Héroes de la Guardia de la Noche III EECMSI123



The Brotherhood of the Night’s Watch defends Westeros from the horrors that lay beyond The Wall. Despite being made up of criminals, runaways, lesser sons of nobles, and anyone that Yoren, the Wandering Crow, can recruit, they are no rag-tag group. Commanders like Cotter Pyke and Ser Denys Mallister keep recruits in line. New members like Satin take quickly to all manner of skills, while troops like Eddison Tollett and Benjen Stark proudly perform any duty that is given to them. Those initiated into The Black will fight to keep Westeros safe from enemies beyond the Wall.

6 Miniatures, 28 Cards: 8 Attachment Cards, 2 NCU Cards, 18 Tactics Cards


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